1.  Airport transfer
****An airport transfer will include a round-trip transfer to and from your airport of entry. Size of vehicles used depends on the size of your group of delegates. A typical vehicle used for a group of up to 3 clients will be a five-seat limousine. For larger groups, either a minivan (with a capacity of up to 10 passengers) or a coach (holding up to 48 seats) will be used.

2.  Group transportation and events coordinators
***Group transportation is required for off-site meals and other trips. Depending on individual circumstances, the vehicles used may be the same ones as provided for airport transfer. Events coordinators will be assigned to ease your transition, coordinate with seminar/meeting venue staff and assist your group during sessions as well as other off-site activities.  

3.  Accommodation
***Accommodation in a standard (3- or 4-star) hotel will be provided for all members of your group. Breakfast is included. Other types of accommodation are also available on request.

4.  All-inclusive seminar/meeting package
***Standard event facilities included are:

******•    Seminar/meeting room(s)
******•    Morning and afternoon coffee breaks (with 2 choices of snack)
******•    International lunch buffet or set lunch (including mineral water)
******•    Hospitality desk and chairs
******•    Backdrop giving title and date of the event, organization name, etc.
******•    Decorative flowers at selected desks/podiums
******•    Flip charts
******•    White boards and white board markers
******•    Notepads and pencils
******•    Candies
******•    Microphones
******•    AV staff on standby
******•    LCD projector (an additional fee may apply)
******•    In-house team-building activity (an additional fee may apply)

5.  Off-site group activities
***To complement your visit to your selected city, off-site group activities will be organized to cater to your interests. Among the preferred choices are: local sightseeing, shopping, massage package, cooking class, (go-) kart racing, adventure trip, etc.    

6.  Special lunch/dinner arrangements
***Upon receiving your instructions, Escapedia Thailand will organize special lunch or dinner for your group. Types of cuisines range from Western, BBQ, Central Thai, regional Thai to Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Indian.



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